Okt. 18, 2015

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Dez. 7, 2012

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Google und die Ziegen (und Affen):

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Sept. 24, 2011

XKCD could be better

I think two of the recent XKCD comics could be done better. I am regularily reading xkcd sucks, but i do not agree on everything he says. But many comics can be done better, i present two improved comics here:

XKCD 953

Original here

What did i do? I removed the redundant dialogue. The Joke is presented in the first line, everything after that is just the same joke. Maybe he wanted to explain his joke in a way, that even persons who do not know about the 10 types of people in the worlds (those who understand binary and those who do not) will understand his joke.

XKCD 954

Original here

This one is a bigger change. Randall put several jokes in this comic, which are not quite compatible to each other and i removed all but the main joke: Black-Hat Guy blocks the end of a very long escalator to get a funny result.

The other jokes in the comic just were saying "i can ask dumb questions, too.". Oh cool, BHG has a witty response to curious questions. Funny. Lol.

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Mai 24, 2011

sudo make me a sandwich

Save this as "Makefile":

UID=$(shell id -u)
        @echo "make love, not war!"
        @if [ "${UID}" = "0" ];then echo "okay.";\
        else echo "What?";echo -n "make ";fi
        @if [ "${UID}" != "0" ];then echo -n "it ";fi
        @if [ "${UID}" != "0" ];then echo "yourself.";fi

And execute it:

$ make me a sandwich
$ sudo make me a sandwich

If you do not understand it, read this XKCD-Comic.

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Okt. 1, 2010

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Feb. 19, 2009

Wie man Wikipedia wirklich ärgert

XKCD beweist, dass man Ereignisse schaffen kann, über die Wikipedia nicht neutral berichten kann. Aber so ist das ganze halb so witzig, weil die Miesepeter von Admins den Artikel einfach löschen und sperren werden, so wie man das kennt.

Variante: 3. Option einführen: wenn in einer Woche KEIN Artikel existiert, dann bekommt Wikipedia das Geld. Damit ist auch eine Artikelsperre nicht mehr neutral.

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Sept. 10, 2008

LHC Links

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März 11, 2008

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