Aug. 30, 2018

Program to blacklist artists on Spotify

Spotify seems not to allow to blacklist artists or songs by design (at least they reject the feature request in their forum), which means that these songs of these artists are added to radio streams even when you disliked them before.

But if you are using Mopidy (e.g. to use Spotify on a raspberry pi or just to have a nice web interface), you can use its MPD interface to remove blacklisted artists from the playlist as soon as they are added using this short python program:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Licence: This code snippet is public domain

from mpd import MPDClient import time

blacklist = ["artist1", "artist2", "artist3"]

client = MPDClient() client.connect("localhost", 6600)

while True: time.sleep(10) for item in client.playlistinfo(): if item['artist'] in blacklist: client.deleteid(item['id'])

The program checks every 10 seconds if a song from a blacklisted artist in the playlist and then deletes it.

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Jan. 5, 2009

lyrics search for the current song with MPD

Another Tipp for Users of MPD:
firefox "$(mpc|head -n1) lyrics&n=1"
searches for the current songname + "lyrics" on Scroogle (yeah, privacy).

Of course you can just change "firefox" i.e to "opera" and "" to "" or what search-engine and browser you like.

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Sept. 3, 2008

Tipp: Now Playing with MPD

a convenient way to get "now playing" information from MPD can be achieved by this little script:


  • xclip
  • mpc (the official mpd commandline client)
  • notify-send (from libnotify-bin)
mpc|head -n1|xclip
notify-send -t 2500 "now playing" "`xclip -o`"
The Script copies the current "artist - track" to the clipboard and displays it as passive popup:

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