März 12, 2016

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März 23, 2011

Anonymous-Twitter Bookmarklet

Bookmarklet: Anonymous-Twitter

how to use it

  • drag the Bookmarklet above to your bookmarks-toolbar.
  • visit twitter
  • click the Bookmarklet
  • ???

what does it do?

When you click the bookmarklet, every tweet will have "Anonymous" as author, so you can judge the tweets by the message and not by the author.

how does it work?

the bookmarklet runs a tiny piece of javascript on the twitter-page to insert some CSS-Code, which hides the user-images and usernames from twitter and adds "Anonymous" as username and a picture of Anonymous as user-image.

thanks to ...

@paniq, who tweeted the idea and also makes good music.

Stylish / Userscript

you can use the userstyle for twitter, if you want the change to be permanent. the userstyles site has also an option to install the style as userscript.

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