Sept. 1, 2008

FATsort-gui Update

A good message for all non-german users of fatsort-gui:

fatsort-gui is now translatable. Default language is english, but german translation is already included. German users do not need to upgrade, because except for the translation function there is nothing new.

Language is read from LANG environment variable, so the program chooses the language automatically, when possible.

If you want to translate the application to your language, you need to append the strings dict with a new language dictionary like this:

strings = {
"de": {...},
"xy": {
    "english string": "translation", 
    "another string": "another translation"
please send any new translations to software at, so i can add them to the script.

Needed-Tools: You need to have "fatsort" and "hal-device" installed. hal-device is included in the package "hal" on debian and ubuntu.

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